From Anti-Cold to Anti-Cancer

Mesothelioma Matters 

In the mid-eighties, mounting scientific evidence lead to a national embargo on the use of asbestos. Since then, thousands of workers who were exposed to asbestos have been left living under the shadow...

Life of Sci

Abcam Tipbox

Life of Pi describes the odyssey of a man and his tiger trying to get home after capsizing at sea. Perhaps the parallels between this and the mission of obtaining a PhD are not immediately obvious...

Life of Sci

Extended Edition

EACR The Cancer Researcher

...A PhD never takes the course you expect. There are long phases of feeling in deep water, perhaps struggling against a tide of thesis chapters, or drowning in deadlines...

New Blood in Cancer Medicine


Most would consider a blood test a bit of a pain in the arm, but except for the fantastically needle-phobic, generally not something that would keep you awake at night...

Peak Performance

The Cancer Researcher

You can finally spell drosophila and know the difference between parametric and non-parametric statistical analyses. Mostly. You triumphed over reviewer three and became a published academic...

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